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** WECC - Winner of the Community Excellence Award at the 2016 Western Canadian Music Awards **

At the West End Cultural Centre (WECC) we believe that true appreciation of the arts is not passive, in fact the WECC’s founding statement concludes with the commitment to “make sure people will get involved, not in some peripheral way but with their hearts and guts and brains”.

Our community outreach programming has its roots in this commitment to get people involved. We reach out to residents in the surrounding community to encourage active participation in the arts.  Our goal is to provide a continuum of free or minimal cost programming for youth to encourage an arts habit that will last a lifetime.

WECC outreach programs provide opportunities for active participation in the arts, offer free arts education for inner-city youth, increase exposure to a variety of artistic disciplines, and build bridges between artists and the local community.

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Who Benefits

The WECC offers a variety of programming throughout the year. Programming targets participation from the west central community. On average, over 5,000 people participate in the WECC’s outreach programming each year. 

The majority of programs are offered for youth ages 3—19 years, the WECC has offered several programs for families and adults as well. Active participation in the arts is an  important part of a healthy lifestyle. Participants build confidence, self-determination and develop their artistic abilities in a safe and fun environment. Healthy people who are actively involved contribute to building healthy communities.

All programming is provided free of charge, or at minimal cost, in order to ensure accessibility.

Funding for Outreach Programming

Outreach programming at the WECC is funded through a variety of sources. Operating support from the City of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba and through Canadian Heritage helps to cover some of the administrative and operating costs associated with programming.

Project support through granting agencies such as the Manitoba Arts Council, donations from individuals, and corporate sponsorships help to ensure the sustainability of our outreach programming each year.

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