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** WECC - Winner of the Community Excellence Award at the 2016 Western Canadian Music Awards **

WECC partnerships

The WECC believes that true arts appreciation goes beyond sitting in an audience. We look for ways to bring artists and community members together to learn and grow.

The Community Arts Partnership Program is designed to assist organizations that want to organize arts events at the WECC. This program offers free use of the venue (plus a $250 labour fee) to community and arts groups for events that:

provide opportunities for citizens to be involved in the arts when they otherwise would not have the opportunity
increase community access to Canadian artists and music out of the mainstream
provide educational opportunities in the development of artistic expression
provide community members with direct contact with professional musicians when they otherwise would not have the opportunity
assist community-based organizations in presenting arts events

WECC program

Organizations that have partnered with the WECC include: the Manitoba Independent Songwriters Circle, the Spence Neighbourhood Association, Career Trek, and The Rainbow Resource Centre.

We are interested in hearing from groups with projects such as:
Cultural education - music, dance and theatre
Development of new artists
Social service event with arts component
Awareness or fundraising projects with arts component

For more information about the CAP Program and for application forms please contact Kerri Stephens at 783-6918 or email:


  586 Ellice Avenue at Sherbrook, Winnipeg, MB  R3B 1Z8 phone (204) 783-6918 fax (204) 783-1884