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The West End Cultural Centre Endowment Fund
at the Winnipeg Foundation

Help us secure our future now – donate to our endowment!

We are trying to build our endowment fund this year – we are looking to grow it to be $250,000. At that figure the fund will provide WECC with a steady revenue source and help preserve the WECC for future generations! You can help us achieve this goal:
Donate here!

The West End Cultural Centre new agency endowment fund is held in trust at The Winnipeg Foundation.

What is an Endowment Fund?
An endowment fund is a collection of monetary gifts that are pooled and permanently invested. The capital is never spent, and the fund generates annual revenue, forever.

The West End Cultural Centre now holds an agency endowment fund at The Winnipeg Foundation. Our endowment enables us to plan for the future, meet unanticipated costs, and overcome challenging times when support from funders and donors may fluctuate. We welcome gifts of all sizes to our fund; together these contributions help ensure our long-term viability.

The Winnipeg Foundation oversees the investment of, and distribution from, our fund, and gives us access to professional management and the benefits of investing a larger total asset base. The Foundation also provides a matching support program, based on a formula, to help us grow our fund.

How did the Endowment Fund come about?
The West End Cultural Centre successfully completed a massive redevelopment campaign in 2009 that resulted in a beautiful new and environmentally sustainable facility. At that time, a goal was set to ensure the long term sustainability of both the facility and our programming but it was the generosity of one of our much loved volunteers and of a supportive and forward-thinking corporate partner that made this fund possible.

In 2013 a long-time volunteer at the West End Cultural Centre bequeathed a portion of their estate to the centre. The donation made possible the initial $20,000 deposit to create the endowment fund which will help to ensure the long-term sustainability of the centre and its programming.

That same year Johnston Group Inc., a generous supporter of the West End Cultural Centre’s capital campaign and programming stepped up with a large multi-year donation. “In honour of the 25th Anniversary, we wanted to invest in a way that would ensure the West End Cultural Centre and its programming exists for generations to come” said David Johnston, President and Owner of the Johnston Group. With this goal in mind, Johnston Group has pledged $20,000 over 4 years to the Endowment Fund which is instrumental in getting the fund on track.

Please help us grow our fund and donate today!

Questions about our fund?
Contact Jack Jonasson, General Manager at (204) 783-6918.



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