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Concert Policy

  To ensure our concerts are enjoyable experiences for everyone,
we'd like to remind you of a few do's and don'ts.

Ours is a listening room. Please turn pagers and cell phones off.
Please do not talk or make excessive noise during the performance.
Please try to keep your little ones quiet; if necessary, bring them out into the lobby for a time-out.
There are no audio/video recorders allowed in the hall.
No flash photography.

Although ticket buyers nearly always get a seat, there are certain shows where we use a full dance floor to accommodate patrons who would like to dance. If you must sit then please arrive early as to ensure a seat. We will not refund tickets if you do not get a seat.

Our volunteers work hard to make concerts at the WECC an enjoyable experience for both patrons and performers. Please appreciate their efforts and, if you want to make suggestions or complaints, ask to speak to a staff member.





General admission – Limited seating

586 Ellice Avenue at Sherbrook, Winnipeg, MB  R3B 1Z8 phone (204) 783-6918 fax (204) 783-1884