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Volunteer at WECC


What are the benefits of volunteering? Musical performances at the WECC range from folk to punk rock. Volunteering is a great way to enjoy some of this live music and meet new people in exchange for a few hours of time and a few drops of sweat.
In addition to free shows and getting to meet people with similar musical taste, volunteering at the WECC is like any volunteer position - it can help you develop skills you can take to other volunteer or paid positions in the future.

What jobs do the volunteers do? Our volunteers set up for shows, run the concession, bartend, usher, provide security, sell tickets and merchandise and do post-show cleanup. Our volunteer board of 12 also chips in to these tasks as well as overseeing the financial accountability of the centre, setting policy, participating on working sub-committees, and doing fundraising and community outreach.

How do I know which shows I will work on?
The WECC has a ‘crew’ system. We have 6 crews to cover all our shows, each one headed by a crew chief. You will be placed on a crew based on the style of music you enjoy and your crew chief selects the shows your crew will work.

Who plays at the WECC? Check out our Past Performers Page for a list of artists who have played at the WECC. It’s a very long list.

Is there an age requirement? Yes, our volunteers must be at least 16.

What skills do I need to volunteer? None. We need commitment, reliability, energy and enthusiasm. The rest we can teach.

What is the time commitment for volunteers? We ask for a minimum of one show per month.

How do I sign up to be a volunteer? Email volunteer@wecc.ca


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